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ProjectBid Date/TimeStatusCategoryOwner(s)
Construction - Infrastructure: Lineville Road & Brookfield Avenue Sanitary Sewer & Watermain
Construction - Infrastructure: Town of Eaton, Road Work
Construction - Building: Town of Three Lakes, Generator Bids
Construction - Infrastructure: Brigham Park, Trail Asphalt Replacement
Construction - Miscellaneous: Dane County, Design and Install Playground at McCarthy Youth and Conservation Park
Architectural/Engineering: Dane County, Municipal Bridge Inspections
Construction - Infrastructure: Pet Exercise Area Boardwalk Improvements
Construction - Infrastructure: Town of Stella, Stella Lake Road & Starks Creek Culvert Replacement
Construction - Building: CAP Services Inc.,Housing Department, Weatherization and Program Services
Construction - Building: Milwaukee County, Fond Du Lac Garage Alarm & Sprinkler System Replacement